Monday, August 1, 2011

Simile Poem | The Source Of Dynamic Image

One of the most popular techniques used in poetry is the simile, the art of comparison.

A simile is most easily described as using the word 'as' or 'like' to compare specific objects, people, or things to others. It not only helps the imagination, but also helps the reader understand some of what smells, looks, sounds, or at any given time this season. It makes the strange object become familiar, the abstraction become easy to understand. Moreover, simile images also show the bound between this thing and that thing, present the author’s ability of linking two different. It somehow make the poem more dynamic and, indeed, greater by each simile image added. How admirable!

***simile poem1***


simile poems 1

It needs to have:

Lovely dark eyes as bright as a star,
Dark brown fur as soft as a kitten,
A head like a tiger ready to pounce,
And a back like a lion.
Paws with claws as sharp and pads as soft as a wild cat,
And a big waggy tail,
Its straight jumping legs as strong as sofa legs,
and that will be your perfect dog forever.

***simile poem2***

The Radio - by Stipe

simile poems 2

The Radio tastes like blue styrofoam just set alight,
The Radio smells like running gas filling a small room,
The Radio is as stiff as a frozen woolly mammoth, with all it’s pale blue skin,
The Radio looks like a genetically mutated pencil eraser,
The Radio sounds like an unruly horse, kicking down stables.

***simile poem3***

Monster - by Hannah W

simile poems 3

Teeth as black as coal,
A nasty scary soul,
Hair as long as sticks,
And nails like tooth picks,
A body the size of a king-size bed,
And feet like mighty Joe Young's head,
Eyes as red as devil's blood,
And muscles as hard as a metal stud,
Ears as big as saucepan lids,
And a mighty roar like screaming kids.

***simile poem4***

My Cat

simile poems 4

Eyes like a green-yellow crayon,
Almost as bright as a ripe orange.
My cat rules my heart and my actions.
I am as a puppet on strings
When he purrs against me
Like I am a warm blanket heating him in the cold.


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