Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Essential Technique Helps Make A Good Poem : Simile

Hardly anyone can disagree with the fact that poetry is the most diverse literature genre, because in order to have an excellent poem, you can choose between a very large amount of styles and techniques. Just remember the very essential method of composing a method, that you’d better understand the direct effect of each element, in order to arrange them in a reasonable way that will boot the strength of your poem at the maximum.

Today, I will introduce you one technique that is used frequently by many poems, simile. A simile is the action of compare this thing with that thing that is somehow similar, and mainly by uses the words “like” or “as”. This action not only tingle the reader’s sense but also help them to extend their imagination. So needless to say, the simile is a great tool which poets should consider using.

***simile poem5***

Role Model ~ by Kholekile Monakali

simile poems 1

A role model is someone
Whom you always want to be.
Someone who gives you hope
When you are down.

Someone who makes
You simile all the time.
Let us take positive side
Of our role models because,
No one is perfect in this world.
Everyone has a role model
Believe it or not.

***simile poem6***

Bad Poetry Makes Me Ugly ~ By Patti Masterman

simile poems 2

Bad poetry makes me ugly:
Look, each line, a cliche
Each blemish, a simile;
My smile grows more bitingly smug
With each overzealous superlative.

My raccoon eyes are ringed
By metaphorical self delusions,
Badly performing alliteration-
All improvisations of incompetence;
And then the clash of symbol, deranges all thought.

Choose only the wound that is in your heart
That you would earnestly enlarge upon,
Steadfastly ignoring all the others.

***simile poem7***

These Eyes Are Watching You ~ Lorenzo Costigliolo

simile poems 3

...see your words
verbal manifestation of thoughts
portraits painted with syllables
of sensuous simile and meaningful metaphor

not critic but who assimilates random thoughts
cast about like chaff in the swirling wind
no object of idolatry
no persecuting executioner
no special one from any special land
no name, no face, no special place
ubiquitous with comment or without –

just a silent voice that speaks its mind
shadow of your spirit
wisp of your very breath
exhaled for all to breathe

your vigilant sentinal

***simile poem8***

Steel Beach ~ metamorphhh

simile poems 4

Five minutes ago,
the dessicated remains of a tiny spider rolled past me like a
(inser.t simile)
reminding me that
(inser.t metaphorical content)
a paradox, in that (cryptic allusion)
(allegorical fragment)
and I even stole the title
from a John Varley novel I’m re-reading.
(ironic pause)
I’m getting lazy.


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